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hello kitty


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hey its barbie!!! i havent seen her in so long!!! i miss her=(... i miss you too vany=( we never see eachother anymore. ttyl muah

Hey Jenny add me you big dummy...LOL wuv ya and miss you lotz!!!

hey! you go to south?? and isnt that gurl Barbie?

Yea its who are you?

elain what?

<3 ur icon


garcia...and thanxs..

yeah i just saw ur west miami yearbook pic..
ive seen u around- its vanessa portilla if u got a wmms yr book or south.
i'm adding u

I think I rememebr you but Im not sure...were you a cheerleader in west Miami??

yeap I was a cheerleader for west! ;D

Biatch I have yours to0o0o..hahaha that aint a bad pic of me tho right??? LMAO...look at my journal...hehehe wuv ya to :p

barbo joo SUCK!!


*snif snif*

BYE! you know I wuv You guys go to my journl to see th "Not So Sexy Skiny Cats" Pic she looks AWSOME Wonderful pic of

Are you that chic that was in my 5th period last year with Mr.Fox?if it's's Meli the one that will always get in trouble with Fox annd I was friends with the twins yanis and yenis..I dunno I only know one Elaine in south lol.


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