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waking up from a dreamless dream
gine + me

its a sunday afternoon with liq and bbq.
I'm determined to be the best kind of person I can be, somewhat of a task it seems. In debt.
except I don't qualify for bankrupcy. or maybe I do? but that's not the way out I want. I want success. Some believe that if you put you're all at anything, you can achieve it.. then again, some also say they've been abducted by aliens. I want to believe some, but that may just be placing a losing bet to rigged game. I suppose that's part of it, risk. Characteristics of a sucessful entreprenuer, not afraid to take the risk. I'll build my empire upon risk, seeminly chance, and see if i can win.
I'm all in, every limb.
a bit exhausted, degraded, raggedy, the dream has renewed itself, with a soul of hope it awakes.
Time will silently speak of my glory or defeat

My dad's making excellent bbq ribs, i've been hitting up the captain morgan a bit, and enjoying some jello shots. Alone! Self inflicted, i know, but ..
..some spice is always nice

all is good in the neighborhood. I'm enjoying my new house, despite the downgrade. I sometimes forget to give myself a reality check, but *check*. I'm good.

I love music ;/ Itunes on shuffle controls me. Summer's almost up, birthday comming up, and i'm living with my beautiful, soon to be nutless, cat, tiki ^_^
My phone died, so i'm feeling a bit lonely, says R kelly. I'll miss the pictures I had in my text messaging, but its a new era.
or something

just going down the yellow brick road..


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welcome back.
that bbq was extra yummy =)

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