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gine + me
  As I sit here in the business lab, mindlessly wondering what to do with my time, I become a writer.  The last couple semesters I've had writing assignments that I decided simply not to do. Writing in some senses has become painful to me, and as i've learned, the only way to overcome pain is to experience it, over and over. So as a part of this new lifestyle i've given birth to after my mother's death, i'll include writing in this junk a little more often. Just to excersise my writing bones a bit.

change in marginal product / change in output = marginal cost

 total product = add of marginal product

labor units- marginal product:
1-14  14
2-15  30
3-12   36
4 - 6   24

36-24= 12.
12 sandwiches.

Manwiches.  I have a job now, monday, wednesday, fridays, and one saturday a month. That should provide a relatively steady income, and considering I have no expenses now .. i'll waste it on booze and food.  :]

mc = change in (fc+vc)/ change in output
AFC- average cost/ output
AVC- variable cost/ output

 Part of the job is writing letters- N648's. I'm playing doctor in a sense and I can't help but wonder if my desicision to change majors in the end of my junior year is a bad idea or not. That COULD be me.. well.. sorta. I still have time to switch back, but i'm also catching some interest to the business aspect. I wish I could have some feedback from my future self to tell me what direction to go, what to do.

The reasoning behing me attaining a job is so that I could be able to have some financial responsibility for myself. Since my mom's passing, I have been going out for drinks, going out to eat, and pretty much spending money as if I had an unlimited income. I was spending a little less then $200.00 a week on expenses which have relatively no long term effect/use when my sister told me she'd cut me off. She said if I wanted money, I would have to work for it. I cried infront of her, and got myself an allowance of 60.00 a week. Significantly less then I was spending it was obvious i'd either have to stay home more often, consume less, or work more. None of these options seemed appealing to me, but given the circumstances and my change of major, I decided to do all three. My nap time has nearly been eliminated between school, work, and lab; let alone factoring in time for going out or studying. Keeping busy is the goal... and so far, i've been doing well.
Such a radical change from the person I used to be that I suprise myself.

Time for class. I'll make a point of it to update this more often, if not with details of my life, then with details of others lives. Just for the sake of writing again, trying to enjoy it again.



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