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Dead to my every touch
gine + me

I thought of this as picture worthy..

It's beautiful miami morning..Just the way to start the day in which I will encounter two especially difficult test, and what makes them especially difficult is my lack of preparation.
Instead, I'm writing here..
The biggest update is that i'm single again, it's a big update because you probably never knew I was even dating-That's how short lived it was. It lasted about a week and was incredibly unsuccessful, but I'd be damned if I had not  taken a thing or two away from it. Most important one being, smokers and I--simply do not work.
It's something about entering a relationship knowing that it would be dead-end that made this relationship at such an disadvantage.. This was new to me. To paint a picture, I considered my last boyfriend as someone whom I could marry, have kids with, and eventually lead a happy life--if it was him alone i'd have to deal with for the rest of my life. A potential progressive future, officially on the checklist for the upcoming list of features I want in a relationship. Anyway, this one didn't work out, it was interesting while it lasted, but it seems as if we just didn't fit. So single again, dating again, time to see what's next.
After my Microeconomics and Financial Accounting exam that is..


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i did a random search and got you...go yeah you seem cool and your car looked nice..well it was wrecked but that happens..hope you find love soon..its still the summer and summer romances are the best so go get you some!!

Thanks, it's a shame that I don't log into this as much as I used to. I'm glad I can still be suprised by LJ.
Yay you & LJ :)

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